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When you need lightweight, strong, and inexpensive shapes for manufacturing or for product components, we can meet your deadline with cost-effective solutions. Confidentiality guaranteed.

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With our variety of materials, we can find the optimal configuration for your needs, including low-cost, impact energy absorbing, solvent resistance, or buoyancy.

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Our molding and fabricating facilities can produce shapes as large as 12 feet by 5 feet and as small as 1/2 inch by 1/8 inch.

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Whether you need a single component each month or thousands each week, RADVA can get you your materials any time, anywhere.

EPS foam shapes and components

Radva Shapes

Whether it’s a product or a process component, RADVA shapes meet the most stringent manufacturing requirements.

Machine part

Thermoformed products

Thermoformed products are used in combination with other materials, or as solitary units. Packaging from these materials can be transparent, colored, or flocked for greater protection.

Machine part

In-process trays

When you need to move parts across the plant -- not across the country --Look to RADVA for in-process trays. These trays can eliminate production damage and cut assembly times. Many trays protect and contain parts during assembly, then become the protective package for shipping and storage.